Buque de Dominica es detenido en Australia acusado de derramar petróleo

The Australian authorities are reporting the detention of a Dominica-flagged vessel the Danny Rose after it reportedly spilled more than10 tonnes of heavy oil in the Port of Brisbane, Australia.

Investigators have since inspected the ship’s fuel system and detained its crew. Water samples in the port were also collected. Media reports indicate that nearly a one-mile oil slick was observed in the port and that a clean up effort has been launched.

Already the spill is reported to have snared several birds and badly disrupted ships movement.

Meanwhile, the Brisbane Times has reported that Transport Minister Scott Emerson has warned that any individuals held responsible for the spill could be fined up to AUD550,000 ($498,000), or AUD11 million ($10 million) for a company. The company is also responsible for paying clean up costs.

The Danny Rose is registered in Dominica and is managed by Neptune Pacific Agency. It is one of several such vessels that carries the flag of Dominica under the country’s ship registry protocol.


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