Con diversas actividades culturales Jamaica se suma al Día Internacional de Nelson Mandela

YOUTH Minister Lisa Hanna will lead the ministry’s activity to commemorate Nelson Mandela International Day today at the Metcalfe Street Juvenile Correctional Centre for Boys in downtown Kingston.

The ministry, in a release last night, said it was undertaking the project in partnership with the South African High Commission in Jamaica.

The activity will include an audio-visual presentation on the life and work of Nelson Mandela; artistic presentations by the children of the Metcalfe Street Centre titled Mandela Moments, focusing on what the former South African leader means to them; and an interactive discussion to be led by the National Centre for Youth Development.

“The ministry is urging all Jamaicans to share in practical ways with the children of Jamaica, the same level of support which Jamaica and its people have so admirably and considerably displayed towards Nelson Mandela during his 67 years of struggle for the rights of humanity.

“On Mandela Day, individuals and organisations are asked to give 67 minutes of their time to serving others, whether it is by supporting a charity or serving your local community,” the ministry said in its statement.


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