El Primer Ministro de Dominica anunció que podría adelantar las elecciones presidenciales

Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has said he could call early elections if he is pushed by the opposition.

Speaking at the commissioning of a filling station in Scotts Head on Tuesday evening Skerrit said the Dominica Labor Party will be ready when elections are called.

“They called for election in 2009 and when I gave it to them they were totally naked,” he said, “So let them call for election…”

Skerrit said that he hopes when he calls elections the opposition is prepared. “All I will say to you tonight is that Roosevelt Skerrit, the leader of the Labor Party, is ready at any time the prime minister calls election,” he stated.

The next general election, constitutionally due in 2015, has been a topic of much discussion.

Addressing a large a crowd of his supporters at a rally in Roseau in early March, one day after an election petition against him and education minister, Petter Saint Jean, was dismissed by the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC), Skerrit said he wanted a “clean sweep” whenever the polls are called.

He told supporters to help him ‘fight tooth and nail’ to accomplish that type of victory.

The opposition United Workers Party is presently undergoing a period of leader change but has said it will be ready whenever elections are called.

In April out going party leader, Edison James, described a party retreat as “the beginning of the intensification of our preparation for governmental operation and action.”

He said the UWP is poised to return to power and dismissed the Labor Party as a ‘government in hiding.’


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