Islas Turcas y Caicos y Haití buscan establecer acuerdos sobre inmigración ilegal

Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Ric Todd, and the Minister of Border Control and Labour, Don Hue Gardiner, will depart on a two-day visit to Haiti on Sunday to discuss further strengthening of joint work with the Haitian authorities to combat illegal migration and developing partnership and business and human relations between TCI and Haiti.

Meetings are scheduled with President Michel Martelly and the foreign and justice ministers in Port au Prince, and there will be a visit to the new Coast Guard station at Les Cayes in the south west of Haiti.

“Building TCI’s relationship with Haiti has been our priority for some time. Most recently Haiti’s Premier Lamothe visited TCI. I am pleased to … continue to work with our Haitian colleagues to address illegal migration,” said Todd ahead of the trip. “TCI and Haiti have a shared interest in ensuring that migration between our two countries is regulated and managed through the proper channels, and this visit is evidence of the continuing commitment of both countries to achieving this goal.”

“In addition to our migration discussions, there will also be the opportunity for me and the minister to meet with a TCI business delegation, including officials from the ministry of finance, who will be in Haiti at the same time. The two visits underline the importance of the relationship between TCI and Haiti, and the efforts that are ongoing to strengthen the business and human ties between the countries,” he added.

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