Surinam afianza lazos comerciales con Pakistán

A visit to Pakistan by Dr Anwar Lall Mohammed, Pakistan’s honourary consul in Paramaribo and advisor to the president of Suriname, has received wide publicity from major news network across the country during his meeting with the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) president Muhammed Haroon Agar on Monday, who called for the expansion of trade and commerce with South America, Africa and Central Asia.

Haroon Agar said it’s not too late for Pakistan to capture its share of the markets in the Caribbean, South America and Africa and urged his government to appoint commercial counselors and trade officers in South America to enhance trade. Agar sees Suriname as a good starting point for the expansion of commercial ties, since the two countries have strong political and cultural ties. He noted that many Hindustani Muslims in Suriname speaks Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, as testimony to the brotherly ties with Paramaribo, according to the Pakistan Press International.

Mohammed, who is also fluent in Urdu, informed the Karachi Chamber of Commerce of the targeted sectors for investment in Suriname such as agriculture, forestry, water resources, manufacturing, tourism, healthcare and housing, and for exports, agriculture, timber, gold, alumina, etc. Suriname needs imports like vehicles, machinery, transportation equipment, textiles and consumer good according to Mohammed, who is also the CEO of Sky Radio and TV.

Mohammed in his presentation stated that those interested in trade and investment in Suriname should contact the Investment and Development Corporation of Suriname through KCCI and Pakistan’s consul general in Karachi, Aziz Memon.

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