Dominica: Instalarán parques tecnológicos que generarían más de 3 mil empleos

Proposed ICT parks to create over 3,000 jobs

An initiative by the Dominica Agricultural Industrial and Development (AID) Bank to set up ICT parks is expected to be a source of employment for over 3,000 Dominicans.

Ian Williams, manager of the AID Bank’s Industrial Estate Unit, said the institution is currently planning to invest in ICT Parks in Canefield, Picard and Geneva.

“This project will be on a phased basis, it will be developed on two sides; mainly Canefield and Picard in Portsmouth,” he explained. “In Canefield, we intend to construct a 25,000 sq ft office building which will make provisions for housing at least 1,000 call center seats.”

Williams added that 1,000 call center seats will make provision for the employment of at least 2,000 individuals since it will be done in two shifts.

Additionally, Williams said, a 60,000 square feet ICT park will be constructed in Geneva. “20,00 sq ft space will be constructed for high tech assembly which will include the assembly of computers, cell phones, and all other ICT based equipment,” he stated. “Another 20,000 sq ft will be constructed for electronic assembly, 5,000 sq ft will be constructed for ICT based businesses and e-commerce, 2,400 sq ft will also be constructed for a daycare within the ICT park, 3000 sq ft will be constructed for a reception area and canteen, 2,000 sq ft will be constructed as a training center with provisions for teleconferencing and distance learning which will encourage the training of employees involved in the call center.”

He remarked that to date the AID Bank has spent approximately $1-million on the development of the Picard project and has completed the Environmental Impact Assessment and the ICT Marketing strategy for Dominica.

The preliminary cost estimates for these projects is approximately $40-million, according to Williams.

“We have commenced the approach for funding of this project,” he said. “The project is a tangible evidence of government’s policy to diversify the economy and provide greater thrusts on the ICT Sector with special targets such as to attract foreign and joint venture industries which are labour intensive, to reduce the level of unemployment, to improve the skills basis of the general population by promoting special industrial sectors and groups of skilled and qualified persons.”

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