El SELA y la Asociación de Estados del Caribe se reúnen para analizar la situación de la deuda en la región

SELA meeting

Barbados is being represented at a meeting in Trinidad and Tobago which analyses the debt situation in the Caribbean.

Monday’s meeting of experts on debt burden in the Caribbean is being hosted by Latin American and Caribbean economic system and the association of Caribbean states.

The importance of the issue of debt burden or sustainability has been stressed repeatedly in various regional and global forums, including the Latin American council of SELA, with particular emphasis on the situation of low and middle income countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Another objective of this meeting is to identify debt relief policies, particularly measures to promote investment and to spur economic growth.

The conclusions and recommendations are expected to be of benefit for affected countries and of strategic importance for the other member states.

After the meeting of experts, the final report will be sent to the member states of SELA and relevant regional bodies, including the association of Caribbean states.


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