CEPAL insta al Caribe a reforzar el papel institucional en el trabajo

ECLAC urges Caribbean to strengthen institutional role in labour

The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has urged the region to strengthen institutional role in labour, saying that work is the “master key for advancing towards greater equality”.

ECLAC’s deputy executive secretary, Antonio Prado, told a meeting of the International Forum of Trade Unions and Progressive Parties that although significant progress has been made in the last decade with greater participation in the labour market, a stronger minimum wage and reduced unemployment and labour informality-challenges remain.

He said these challenges are reflected in the income, the participation of men and women, pension coverage, and the load of unpaid work, among other issues.

According to ECLAC, the institutional role in labour must accompany the process of productive transformation of the region’s economies, reduce gaps in terms of gender, productivity and distribution between capital and work.

ECLAC also proposed fiscal and investment compacts and other accords to improve the provision of public services, guarantee environmental sustainability, and promote the governance of natural resources and international cooperation beyond 2015.


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