Presidente del Caricom se reunió con mandataria chilena en Brasil

Antigua Prime Minister, Chile President Hold Talks in Brazil

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne met Thursday with Chile President Michelle Bachelet in Brazil on Thursday morning.

Browne was in Brazil following his visit to attend the World Cup last weekend.

Chile has been steadily deepening its ties with the Caribbean in recent years, including with the holding of a joint commission, and the two sides discussed regional relations and existing programmes of cooperation.

Among the topics on the agenda were the economic climate facing CARICOM member states, policy initiatives being undertaken to address the situation and the current technical cooperation programme between Antigua and Chile.

Browne also sought Chile’s cooperation in the design and establishment of a venture capital fund for small and mediums-sized businesses in the country.

He said the biggest challenge faced by Antigua’s small business sector was access to capital, and “the venture capital fund would be a direct response to these challenges.”

Browne is currently the Chairman of CARICOM, having assumed the position at the beginning of this month.

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