Santa Lucía: expertos regionales se reunieron para discutir el impacto del cambio climático en el Caribe

Senior level representatives from a wide range of regional institutions met in Saint Lucia on Tuesday to develop a regional climate change strategy at the first meeting of the Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) on Climate Change.

Saint Lucia’s minister for sustainable development, energy, science and technology, Dr James Fletcher, spoke on the impact of climate change.

“Climate change will impact almost every single sector in our region: health, agriculture, fisheries, tourism, transportation, education, social services. None will be spared. However, the cost of adapting to climate change is beyond the capacity of any of our fiscal challenge governments,” he said.

Fletcher also highlighted the need to for the region to adopt a plan that would help build resilience against the impact of climate change.

“In the Caribbean, climate change is a substantial issue that poses a clear and potent threat to our survival. While for many other countries — the US, EU and Japan — it may be an abstract, academic or esoteric subject, for us it is a matter of life or death.”

The regional framework will aid in promoting the implementation of specific adaptation measures to address climate change in the region.

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