Jamaica: ministro de Justicia organiza encuentro para difundir los alcances de la ley que regula el consumo de marihuana

Justice ministry hosts ‘ganja meeting’ in Cross Roads

The Ministry of Justice has scheduled a town hall meeting aimed at raising awareness of the amendments made to the Dangerous Drugs Act, often referred to as ‘the Ganja Law’ at the St Luke’s Anglican Church Hall in Cross Roads, Kingston, tomorrow evening.

The ministry said that the meeting will seek to address misconceptions held by the public about the law relating to the possession of ganja and will provide an opportunity for questions on the controversial subject.

Topics to be discussed include the possession of ganja, use of ganja as a sacrament and cultivation for personal and medicinal/therapeutic use.

Presenters include Minister of Justice, Senator Mark Golding; director, Criminal and Civil Justice Administration Division, Kathlene Arnold; and Legal Officer at the Justice Ministry Jamila Simms.

The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act was brought into operation on April 15 this year making possession of two or less ounces of ganja a ticketable offence.

Additionally, the Bill prohibits the smoking of ganja in public places, and makes provisions for the granting of licences, and permits to enable the establishment of a regulated industry for ganja for medical, scientific, and therapeutic uses.

It also provides for the creation of a Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Jamaica Observer

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