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Nodal.am is the first news portal exclusively devoted to Latin American and Caribbean news which broadcasts the region reality with the objective of generating its own agenda and setting it out in order to be the gate to information produced in our region.

It is known that most information circulating in Latin America and the Caribe comes from European or United States news agencies; all of them show their own views according to their politic and economic interest. The new feature provided by nodal.red lies on the contents which show the Latin American and Caribbean peoples’ idiosyncrasy as well as the integration processes in progress.

The ideological and professional mark have made nodal.red a necessary guideline to get news from Latin America and the Caribe related to integration, social movements, originary peoples, environment, genre, economy, as well as the newspapers front-page, selected editorials, original documents and videos of the most important events. Furthermore, nodal.red publishes interviews, opinion and analysis articles to understand the background and enlarge the different views on the regional reality.

Since its setting up, on 1st, August, 2013, their pages have recorded over 5 million visits from 196 countries and 12 thousand cities all over the world; furthermore, the journalists from many communication media (private, public and popular radios, newspapers, TV) are making it their first search site to spread Latin American news.

  • To become the main enquiry source for journalists, politicians, businessmen and every person who is to make decisions in each country.
  • To represent an obligatory and necessary enquiry source as an original and professional guideline regarding Latin American news and an essential tool to set out a news agenda for the region itself.
  • To spread documents, analyses, researches, lectures and actions by the different governments and integration regional organizations, based on the information generated in each country and the report by each organization.
  • Nodal has entered into cooperation agreements with a number of universities; among them, there are those composing ALSUR, the News Agency set out by several Latin American universities which objective is to spread university-related information.
Nodal.am is a portal set out by a Latin American multidisciplinary team, headed by Pedro Brieger, an Argentine journalist and analyst and sponsored by the Fundación para la Integración Latinoamericana (FILA, according to its Spanish acronym) (Foundation for Latin American Integration).
  • It was declared of “interest” by the Argentine Congress, in 2013.
  • NODAL’s introduction before PARLATINO, in 2014
  • NODAL’s introduction before PARLASUR, in 2015
  • Acknowledgment by the Equator National Assembly, in 2016.
  • Venezuela Ministry of Education, in 2016
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  • AlSur is the News Agency set out by a number of Latin American universities which objective is to spread university-related information in association with NODAL
  • AlSur is a platform to intensify cooperation links, to promote technical, scientific and academic exchange, news production and international spread in order to represent a means of connection at a level of regional integration with other Latin American and Caribbean universities and the rest of the world.
  • AlSur´s objective is to spread projects and advances of research in progress that can draw the attention as well as to inform about academic publishing and documents issued by the universities.
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