Gastón Browne asumió su segundo mandato como primer ministro de Antigua y Barbuda

Juramentan a Browne como primer ministro de Antigua y Barbuda

El primer ministro de Antigua y Barbuda, Gaston Browne, fue juramentado este jueves tras ser reelecto en el cargo durante los comicios del miércoles.

Browne llevó al Partido Laborista de Antigua y Barbuda (ABLP) a la victoria en elecciones anticipadas, obteniendo 15 de los 17 escaños en el legislativo.

“Estoy contento de que los votantes de mi circunscripción hayan invertido en mi (…) puedo asegurarles que el futuro será mejor y más grande”, dijo Browne.

Durante su campaña, Browne prometió “políticas igualitarias” y proyectos de desarrollo que están valorados en medio billón de dólares, que a su juicio, serán fuente de empleo y oportunidades económicas para la nación caribeña, devastada por los huracanes Irma y María.

Además, el primer ministro prometió mejorar las oportunidades educativas y la atención de la salud, así como aumentar los salarios del sector público.

El partido de Browne, que lidera Antigua y Barbuda desde 2014, solo perdió dos puestos en el legislativo, uno lo ganó el opositor Partido Unido Progresista (UPP) y el otro el Partido Popular de Barbuda (BOM).

Browne anunció elecciones generales el 24 de febrero, 15 meses antes de la fecha límite establecida por la Constitución.

Tras el anuncio de elecciones anticipadas hubo una controversia sobre la propiedad de tierra, ya que la normativa vigente desde 1834 prohíbe la propiedad privada y exige que sea administrada de forma comunal.

El cambio en la legislación permitirá financiar la reconstrucción del país, donde más de 1.250 infraestructuras se vieron afectadas por los huracanes que azotaron el Caribe.

Browne también se comprometió a trabajar para garantizar la estabilidad de quienes invirtieron en el sector turístico.


Elections results reflect will of the people – CARICOM Observation Mission



21 MARCH 2018


At the invitation of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda the CARICOM Secretariat constituted an eight-member team to observe Antigua and Barbuda’s General Elections which were held on 21 March 2018.

The Mission was advised by the Secretary-General that its terms of reference are:

to observe the electoral process, including the preparations for the start of the poll, the casting of votes, the closure of polling stations, the counting of the ballots and the preparation of the Statement of Poll;

to collect information on the results at the voting tables to assist in the quantitative verification of the results;

to collect qualitative observations regarding the voting process, comportment of the electoral officials and political actors, and on the overall electoral environment.
Against this backdrop and as part of the CARICOM’s observation procedure, the Chief of Mission and the representatives from the CARICOM Secretariat sought and met with key stakeholders prior to election day. The Chief of Mission was accompanied by the full team of observers for most of the meetings which were held for the purpose of gathering information on the emerging issues and concerns and the overall impact, if any, on the electoral process.

Election Day Observation

Indications are that all polling stations opened at 6:00 a.m. with all the supplies and materials required present in all polling stations. All stations were manned by a full complement of highly trained and efficient poll workers under the watchful eyes of the agents representing the candidates. The polling stations were conveniently located and easily accessible to the electorate, including the disabled.

Voting was conducted in 172 polling stations across 17 constituencies in Antigua. The CARICOM Observation Mission was deployed in all 17 constituencies and visited 91% of the stations, with the constituency of Barbuda being relocated to Antigua at TN Kirnon Primary School in St John’s.

Adequate security was in place at most locations with the Officers displaying a professional approach which no doubt contributed to the level of calm which accompanied the opening, voting, closing and the counting of votes of the polls.

The Mission’s assessment of the day’s activities is that, while there were issues related to electoral processes for which recommendations will be made, the voters were able to cast their ballots without intimidation or harassment and that the results of the Elections reflect the will of the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

The Mission wishes to congratulate the staff of the Electoral Commission, the Poll Workers, the Political Parties and their Candidates, the Security Forces and the People of Antigua and Barbuda for the mature way in which the Elections were conducted with no reported incidents of violence, and the high level of patience displayed while waiting in queues.

The Mission will prepare a full report for submission to the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), H.E. Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, which will include recommendations and suggestions for strengthening the electoral process in Antigua and Barbuda.

The CARICOM Election Observation Mission wishes to thank the Leaders of the Political Parties, Civil Society, the Media and the People of Antigua and Barbuda for their warm welcome and cooperation which contributed to the success of the Mission.




22 MARCH 2018

Today Caricom

Antigua-Barbuda PM sworn-in for second term

Prime Minister Gaston Browne was sworn-in for a second term on Thursday, after his Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) triumphed decisively in Wednesday’s general elections, winning 15 of the 17 seats at stake.

The United Progressive Party (UPP) and the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) each captured one seat.

Many viewed the election not as a contest between the ABLP and the UPP but between Browne and Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart’, the owner of Sandals Resorts International, who used the Jamaica Observer, also owned by him, to publish a series of articles vilifying Browne, in an apparent attempt to influence the election.

However, this may have seriously backfired in that it seemed to energise the ABLP base while having little or no effect on UPP voters.

Numerous social media postings reflected this:

“The Antiguan people stood firmly against unrelenting attacks on their sensibilities. Bravo ABLP specifically prime minister Gaston Browne. You have become the Robin Hood of Caribbean politics, fighting the greedy rich to ensure Antiguans across classes eat. You are a hero!”

“This is what happens when your people are educated, understands progress, along with a patriotic prime minister, who will never compromise its sovereignty to any foreign entity. Now he has been given the mandate to deal with Butch Stewart.”

“This was more a victory over a Butch Stewart.”

“Congratulations to Mr Gaston Brown and the people of Antigua. You have the mandate to run that Massa out.”

Nowhere did Browne’s emphatic victory resonate more than in Saint Lucia, where many are unhappy at the perceived unthinking, automatic compliance of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to Stewart’s wishes:

“That will teach him. Antiguans are not Saint Lucians.”

“You hit the nail on the head. When you have a progressive electorate who won’t sell themselves short. One who understands sovereignty and patriotism. Saint Lucia listen and learn.”

“Only we St Lucians that was bought and we are paying for it right now.”

“You see we should be ashamed of ourselves Saint Lucians. Only here can Butch do what he wants. Wake up people.”

Members of the new Cabinet were sworn-in on Thursday afternoon:

  • Sir Robin Yearwood: Senior Minister responsible for Public Utilities, Civil Aviation and Energy
  • Molwyn Joseph: Minister for Health, Wellness and the Environment
  • EP Chet Greene: Minister for Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Immigration
  • Samantha Marshall: Social Transformation, Human Resource, Youth, and Gender Affairs
  • Charles Max Fernandez: Tourism and Economic Development
  • Melford Nicholas: Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information technology
  • Dean Jonas: Agriculture, Fisheries, and Barbuda Affairs
  • Michael Browne: Education, Science, and Technology
  • Asot Michael: Minister of Investment and Trade
  • Lennox Weston: Minister of Works and Minister of State in the Ministry Finance and Corporate GovernanceDaryl Matthew: Sports, Culture, National Festivals and the Arts
  • Maria Browne: Housing Lands and Urban Renewal and Minister of State in Immigration and Labour

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