Presidente de Guyana destaca el fortalecimiento de las relaciones con Brasil

Guyana/Brazil relations gain new dimensions …says President Ramotar on its 191st Independence Anniversary

THE relationship between Guyana and Brazil has strengthened and has gained new dimensions in the past year.
This sentiment was expressed by both President Donald Ramotar and Brazilian Ambassador to Guyana Luiz Seixas De Andrade at a reception in celebration of Brazil’s 191st Independence Anniversary at the ambassador’s residence in Queenstown, Georgetown, last evening.

President Ramotar and First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar, along with government ministers, Members of Parliament, the Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Mr. David Granger and members of the Diplomatic Corps, among others, joined the Ambassador and his family in celebration.
President Ramotar noted that Brazil and Guyana have made significant advances in the last year in a wide range of areas. According to him, this increased level of cooperation is a demonstration of the importance with which the relations between the two South American countries are viewed.
He said that the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Guyana and Brazil on infrastructural projects in July of this year was most welcome.
“This mechanism provides the framework for the joint collaboration in the development of the hydropower resources, the upgrade of the Lethem-Linden road and the development of the deep water port in Guyana,” he explained.

Ramotar stressed that it is envisaged that the enhanced partnership between the two countries will not only increase the prosperity of the two peoples, but would also benefit the region as a whole.
“Our infrastructural projects, while of national importance, will form part of the wider South American physical integration programme,” he said.
He further stated that, as a small developing country, Guyana remains fully committed to the regional integration process, particularly with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).
In addition, he mentioned that Guyana’s recently acquired associate membership into Mercosur (Common Market of the South) represents the natural progression of a broader, deeper form of integration, not only between Guyana and the member states of Mercosur, but between Mercosur and CARICOM as well.
The president related that in an effort to secure prosperity and an improved quality of life for the people of Guyana, the government has embarked on a number of initiatives to create new job opportunities and to promote development in key sectors, such as health, education, agriculture and infrastructural development.
“We know that the anticipated transformation will not happen like a change in the weather…it is a promise, and through determined action and strong commitment, not only on the part of the government, but also by the people of our country, we can also achieve great heights,” he asserted.
He stated that the Guyanese Government is also seeking to develop more focused cooperation programmes with traditional partners, and to pursue a more active policy in establishing new alliances with like-minded countries. He added that positive results from these efforts are already visible.
The president, on behalf of the government and people of Guyana, extended congratulations to the government and people of Brazil on their anniversary.
He stressed that while the significant advances made by Brazil over the years are celebrated, the sacrifices made by the many generations before, whose struggles and firm resolve to improve the standard of living provided a firm foundation of a great nation, should not be forgotten.
As such, Ramotar said he would like to use the occasion to pay tribute to all those who made the 191st Independence Anniversary possible.
Meanwhile, Brazilian Ambassador to Guyana, Luiz Seixas De Andrade, also underscored the growth of the relations between Guyana and Brazil.
He pointed out that an MOU was signed in December, 2012, to establish a working group for infrastructural projects in Guyana. He noted that this working group has held four meetings in the first semester of this year.
As a result of that work, he said, a joint commission was established for bilateral discussions and the first meeting of the commission is scheduled for sometime this month.
High on the agenda, the Ambassador advised, are the Lethem-Linden road, the deep water harbour, and hydropower.
He added, that Guyana and Brazil are also collaborating in other areas such as trade in agriculture products and cooperation in military areas.


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